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Av Yasmine Gómez-Salazar


Have you ever been hurt? really hurt? in a way that you cried for days or even months?

I have, and I carried the anger with me for years, letting eat me up and creating unbalance in my heart.

After many years of suffering, I took this topic up in one of my coaching sessions with my mentor and she told me:” to find your way home and the path to your heart again, you must forgive”.

Forgive? I asked her, forgive those who have hurt me so much? How dare you tell me that I must forgive! they don’t deserve it! I cannot forgive them.

Her next words shocked me: “you don’t forgive because those who have hurt you deserve to be forgiven, but because you deserve to be free from the pain, the anger, the sorrow that your heart is carrying .

At that moment I got so mad, my hands started shaking, tears running down my chicks, I could feel my head getting warmer, pounding harder, tension building up in the muscles around my face, pressing my teeth together and getting a headache.

Even though I was very upset, and I didn’t want to talk to Maria anymore that day, those words stayed with me. I deserve to be free from the pain.

Back a that time, I believed like many of us do, that when we get hurt and then forgive, that means that we are going to be friends again like nothing has happened, but that’s  is so far from the truth and real forgiveness. I will come back to this later.

Through my way to emotional and spiritual liberation, I have had to deal with my ambivalence between reality and truth regarding my believes and pattern. I talk more about this topic in my blog, from February 2020. I was still looking for the keys to set my heart and myself free from the hurt.

During all my trainings and years of experience I knew that despite my emotional reaction regarding what Maria had said, there was wisdom in her words. My next thought was, she has always helped me, so, if there is 2% possibility that what she is saying is true, I should try it out. Just to see if it helps.

You see, I have not been open to complementary medicine always, because of my background as a nurse, I have been very skeptical to alternative treatment, but I have gathered experienced during all this years, getting good results in combining both the traditional and the complementary philosophies and this has toot me to be more flexible.

It took me about two months to contact my mentor again and then I was introduced to what I see today, as the most brilliant meditation form, and an amazing way to forgive from the heart, The Three Rays Kaseya Shinar.

Forgiving is not easy, just think back to yours last real ugly fight with your husband, wife, sister, daughter, friend or colleague. How did you feel afterwards? How many days did you need to recover from that situation? Was it long time ago? How do you feel now thinking about it?

Well, is you still have emotions about that fight, is because you have not forgiven, it is easy saying I forgive mentally, but emotionally, is harder to do.


Why is that?

Did you know that Nervous system imbalance and increased inflammation may be a result of high stress levels and possibly underlying causes of chronic problems and auto immune tendencies? or that breathing and meditating an important factor in balancing the autonomic nervous system and bringing you in a more relaxed state?

when your stress because of a discussion or thinking about difficult situations your body releases stress hormones into your blood including Adrenalin and cortisol. Your heart bits faster your blood pressure goes up, your muscles tighten, Exactly as I described earlier, happen to me, when talking to my mentor.

By using Kaseya Shinar regularly, you release the tormenting and exhausting feelings that are troubling your heart. Giving you the space, you deserve to fuel your heart with feeling you need to enjoy and have a happier life.


today I use this method, to clients and students that need to forgive on their path to liberation. Is not only a meditation form but, is also a healing system on its own. I combine this meditation with coaching, other treatments, courses and with the magical sound of drums sometimes, getting incredible result, for clients and students.


Why should you forgive?

Well there are many studies that conclude that forgiveness reduces negative thoughts, feelings and stress. It Increases positive thinking and better feelings.

This is also in my experience with many of my students and clients and myself.

Now to my definition of forgiveness, when you carry around the pain, is hurting only you, you are the one carrying the suffering, not the one that hurt you. Many times, people don´t even remembered or know they hurt you.

I did not understand then , when Maria my mentor told me, I forgave, because I deserve to be free of the pain and take back control over my life, instead of letting someone else drained me from my energy and taking decision for me, Every day and every time.

Yes, every time I was afraid of living my house, because of the attack that happened to me while at work or I was afraid of meeting the guy that hurt me. I was giving him the power to direct my life. When other people in my life have lied and cheated and I only cried or was mad at them, I carried this pain with me. I gave them permission to steal from me again. So, when I started with Kanseya I made a choice. I chose me.

It was not easy, I had to work with this method every day, but by letting go of the pain I learned from the experience.

 I learn that it is impossible to know when the light of the morning arrives is there is no dark night. My suffering was the night, and my forgiving the light to my heart.

I also learn that you can not change people,

but I can always change

the way I feel about how they behave tours me.

I am sharing this with you to tell you, you also have a choice, what do you want to do? Keep carrying the pain or be liberated? The decision is yours.

If you want to learn more about Kanseya or other topics, please don´t hesitate to contact me. I would love to answer your questions. Life can be wonderful if you choose to enjoy it, I did not believe that before either, but I have learned to design my life and I am happy now. This is the reason I help others today to achieve their goals. You could do it too.


Facebook: Helhets Terapi

Phone: +47 46422329




How many diamonds have you thrown   

away in your Life?

Av Yasmine C. Gómez-Salazar , 29.Feb.2020

Did you know that diamonds look like this?

before they are cut in facets and polish?

If you had gotten diamonds like this and you were not an expert in the matter, what would you have done with them?

89% of the people I have asked this question answered that they would have thrown them away, the other 11% would have use them as decoration.


We all have gotten many times, the value of diamonds,

but may only see rocks like this and because we are not aware of what we are getting we have no appreciation of it.

This is understandable, because we are not experts in recognizing diamonds nor in appreciating the value of relationships and opportunities.
As a life coach and spiritual teacher, I have helped people out of what I call a stock stage in their life and many others have come to me with the wish to design their life and reach their dreams.


No matter what the reason,

One of the first things I learn my students or clients is that in order to make changes in their life,

they have to start to be aware of their own way of thinking,

because only by being conscious of their patterns and behaviors, may they be able to repair what is causing the problems.

You don’t have to agree with me, but in order to understand better what I am saying, you can do the following exercise.

Sit down in a quiet place, breath deep a couple of times and think about how many friends do you have that have wished for something special, for example a partner, friends, children, a home, a trip
How many of them got it? What did they do when they got it? How did they treat it?
Was there appreciation, love, thankfulness and respect for what it was received?

Sadly, when we wish for things, we want them immediately then we make an illusion in our head creating expectation. When life presents us with our wished we don’t recognize it.
In the same way we do not recognize raw diamond as diamond.
This beautiful gem needs to be cut in facets and polish before you can see their true beauty and value. An expert can see the potential in the stone and work with the raw material. He does not just place it in a corner and waits for it to
become beautiful. It needs work and expertise.


We also need knowledge in different areas of our life,

and this is how I help my students and clients,so they become experts in their life.

You know, I have also not seen the value of my gifts, my talents, the potential in my relationships with parent, my children. I did not take the time to understand them, to help them to understand me or treat them with the respect they deserved. I demanded from them.

I used many hours complaining about how much work it was cleaning the house and shouting at my partner and children, instead of being grateful for having a house and the opportunity to make it a home for my love ones and the health to do so.
Because my needs were not being fulfilled and my expectations not met, the worst part is that I also tried desperate to blame others and look for solutions outside myself.

Now what about you?

If you think back 3 to 5 years, what did you really wanted or wished for?
Did you get it? How do you treat it? Is there joy, happiness and respect today? Are you aware of getting what you asked for?

Have you got a great gift you did not appreciate?

An opportunity, the child you wished for, the house of your dreams, the friend.
Then after a while you started complaining about how they did not do what you wanted, they did not listen, there was quarrel every day and divorce was the solution because your needs and expectations were not met.
Maybe you have wished for a great job and you got it, great colleagues and amazing learning opportunities. Do you appreciate it, or do you complain when your expectations were not met, not even giving the value and respect it all deserved?

From my point of view any relationship, property, job, talents or anything else that comes to us, is a gift and we should treat it with outmost respect, but many expect respect without giving it and they only see raw diamonds and not even the potential of what they are receiving.


So how do you want to take care

of the diamonds in your life?

If you have any comments or questions, please don’t hesitate to send them to me, I would love to her from you.
Just write to or put your coment below.

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  1. Wenche Kristoffersen

    Dette var veldig bra skrevet:)
    Dette er noe jeg tar med meg i min hverdag, En virkelig tankevekker.
    Tusen takk Yasmine

  2. Petter Nyvoll

    Fin artikkel

  3. Jan

    Takk for invitasjonen til å reflektere over hvordan jeg behandler diamantene i mitt liv;)

  4. Lene

    Veldig bra skrevet og ja tilgi både deg selv og andre ❣️


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